Selecting equipment to add-to, up-grade or replace your Hi-Fi system can be quite daunting!  Your budget, the room, your future plans all need to be considered when designing a system. It will be my pleasure to assist, inform and guide you in order to make the process enjoyable and the end result infinitely satisfying.

All equipment is supplied at manufacturer’s recommended retail prices. If you twist my arm I will offer discounts where possible. Sounds Natural takes pride in providing very high levels of before and after sales service. This includes an in-depth assessment of your needs and a follow-up to ensure that the equipment is functioning at optimum levels. The result of all this extra care will be a system that performs optimally and offers the best possible ‘sonic value’ for your budget.

There is no charge for service and technical advice related to equipment sales.

We offer a wide selection of brands and products and because your need is subjective we do not simply list all the prices. We would need an initial discussion to narrow the choice and then we will be able to quote prices for equipment that would be appropriate to your needs.

The table below lists many of the brands that are available from Sounds Natural.


Audio products that are made in S.A.


Sonor Audio Loudspeakers.

Claro 8.2 Floor Stander, 2 x 8″ woofers / 1 x 38 mm tweeter
Claro 5.2 Floor Stander, 2 x 5″ mid’s / 1 x 38 mm tweeter / 1 x 10″ woofer
Claro 6.2 Floor Stander, 2 x 6″ woofers / 1 x 38 mm tweeter
Claro 6.1 Floor Stander, 1 x 6″ woofer / 1 x 38 mm tweeter
Clareo 6.2 Stand Mount, 2 x 6″ woofer / 1 x 38 mm tweeter
Clareo 6.1 Stand Mount, 1 x 6″ woofer / 1 x 38 mm tweeter


Valve Audio amplifiers.

Whisper Phono Stage, single input. Hybrid, (can be ordered in MM or MC)
Whisper Phono Stage, Dual imputs, Hybrid, MC x 2, or MM x 2, or MC/MM options.
Exclame 150 150 w/ch hybrid, integrated stereo amp, incl remote.
Exclame 150 Phono 150 w/ch hybrid, int. stereo amp, incl remote, with phono input.
Predator 250 w/ch hybrid, integrated stereo amp, incl remote.
Black Widow Pre. Full valve line pre-amplifier, Balanced and SE, incl. remote.
Black widow Power. 300 w/ch hybrid, stereo power amplifier.
Black Widow Mono. 800 w/ch hybrid, balanced bridge mono power amplifier.

Genesis Project

Exclusive flagship range.

Genesis Phono, single input. Hybrid, MC phono Stage.
Genesis Phono, dual imputs. Hybrid, MC x 2. Phono Stage
Genesis Pre. Full Valve balanced line pre-amplifier.
Genesis Power 1000 w/ch hybrid, balanced stereo power amplifier.
Genesis Mono. 1000 w/ch hybrid, balanced mono amplifier.



Standard Equipment isolation plinth, 40 mm high.
Heavy Equipment isolation plinth, 50 mm high.


Revolve Turntable.

Revolve Turntable Exclusive, hand made, reference Turntable.

Customer selectable hardwood, finishes and trim details.

A wide range of tone arms can be fitted including 12″ arms.

Price dependent on choice of hardwood, finishes and details, excluding tonearms and cartridges.






Reference Acoustics.

X-Act Turntable Semi suspended turntable with multiple damping features, isolated motor with offboard control, including the RA Tone Arm.


Sound Structures.

Sound Structures Custom designed and built, reference quality, equipment support structures.


Audio Products that are imported.


  • Avid
  • Dynavector
  • Kiseki
  • Orthophon
  • Project
  • Roksan
  • SME
  • Thorens
  • Van Den Hul



  • Cambridge
  • Pioneer
  • Primare
  • Isotek



  • Cambridge
  • Roksan
  • Pioneer
  • Primare



  • Golden Ear
  • Kef


Home Theater

  • Cambridge
  • Integra
  • Primare
  • Pioneer
  • Yamaha



  • AKG, headphones.
  • Audioquest
  • Furutech
  • Real Cable
  • WBT, premium connectors.
  • Inakustik, cables and accessories.

Dynavector cartridges.

Karat 17D3
Te Kaitora Rua


Kiseki cartridges.



SME tonearms.