Sonor Audio Claro 6.2

The Sonor Audio Claro and Clareo speaker range has recently undergone a significant up-grade. This is the most profound up-grade from Sonor that I have heard in the 20 plus years that I have represented them in Cape Town.

The dynamic balance is so absolutely comfortable, the amount of musical information is astonishing and above all listening to them is a musical experience that draws you in to the performance, very few speakers can do this!

The previous version of this model scored a 98 in the German Audio magazine a couple of years back, I wonder how they would score this latest offering?

The latest Claro 6.2 is available for audition in Cape Town, so as soon as the lock-down is over, please call me if you are interested in listening to these.

Lance 0732273183 



Read the AVSA review on the REVOLVE turntable, by DEON SCHOEMAN,

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Review by, German ‘AUDIO’ magazine

on the sublime Sonor Audio Claro 6.2 floorstanders


Audio June’18 review translation

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Munich High End 2018.

The proudly SA stand at Munich, ably manned by Gerhard and Martin!

Once again the Sonor Audio loudspeakers, Valve Audio amplifiers, and Sound Structures stands were represented.

Notice the new Claro 5.2 speakers unveiled for the first time, specifically designed with the European market in mind, smaller and slimmer than the other speakers in the range, see the 10” side firing woofer!, a first for Sonor Audio. I had the pleasure of hearing these for the first time in the Sonor Audio sound room, these are going to be killer speakers, the 5 “ woofers are incredibly fast and the detail and staging is impressive but yet they are full and beautifully balanced by the 10” side firing woofer. Well done Roy!

Also new is the Valve Audio Exclame 150 phono integrated amp, which I also had the pleasure of listening to in Schalk’s listening room. This amp has oodles of current, (a Valve Audio hallmark), plus a remarkable on board phono stage thus offering a sizable cost saving to any prospective buyer looking for a high-quality amplification package with phono stage.



REVOLVE turntable, first public showing.

The new handcrafted Revolve turntable had its first public showings, firstly at Lance Dixon’s home where the Cape Town Hi-Fi club attended in February and then at Audio Exchange in JNB at the end of April.

It will remain at Audio Exchange until the end of June, so there is an opportunity for those that would have liked to attend but were unable to. If you are interested, give Francois or Johan a call, they would love to hear from you.

Thereafter the turntable will be going to AVSA magazine for a review, so keep a lookout for that.

For detailed information on the Revolve turntable click ‘Revolve Turntable’ on the home page.


Fitted with an Audiomods tonearm and Dynavector Cartridge

on the left and a Graham Phantom 2 with VDH colibri on the right.