Installing and setting up a stereo system in your room to attain the best possible sound reproduction requires careful thought and planning. In particular, the positioning of the loudspeakers will directly affect the sound that you hear at your listening position. This is because the sound that you hear is a result of not only the direct sound from the speakers but also the reflected sound from all the surfaces in the room.

This process takes the acoustic properties of the room into account and also the other functions that the room may be used for, (not everyone has the privilege of a dedicated sound room!)

The design, delivery and installation of stereo systems is done free of charge when you purchase equipment from Sounds Natural.



These systems usually require a varied amount of planning and on-site work to be done, and therefore each installation will require an individual quote.

The installation of home theatre and multi-zone systems usually includes technical consultation with architects and builders. The actual process involves; initial design and layout of the system, quoting for equipment and installation, pulling cables through conduits, installing control keypads, fitting loudspeakers and installing and programming the source equipment etc.